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Summary of the Coyote Moon Slot

The Coyote Moon slot machine, developed by industry leader IGT, is a five-reel, forty-payline animal-themed video slot with stacked wilds and free spins. Veteran slot players may recognize some of the familiar elements from the games Wild Wolf and Wolf Run, which were combined to create this new slot.

Even though the original game’s jackpot of 1,000 coins doesn’t seem all that impressive, it may grow to a whopping 40,000 coins when played with all 40 paylines. Find out if this game is mobile-friendly, how to play, and about the additional features by reading our comprehensive review of the Coyote Moon slot machine.

Information for the Coyote Moon Slot

Video Slots Using Web-Based Software

Machine Reels and Paylines from IGT

Five Reels and Forty Paylines

92.5–94.8% House Advantage/Return to Player

Slot Minimum/Maximum Bet: $0.01/$200 Volatility: Low/Medium

Get a maximum of forty thousand coins.

No Risk Turns

Bonus Games: Up to 255!

The New Moon Brings Free Spins Slot Machine Bonus Themes

Animals; the Desert; and Coyotes

Instructions for Coyote Moon Slot Machine

This well-liked slot machine from IGT features an intuitive layout and straightforward gameplay that even new players can pick up quickly. Even if the RTP is lower than average, the entertaining bonus round and its potential jackpots are nevertheless appealing to both novice and veteran players.


Get started with Coyote Moon by following our beginner’s guide.


Pick a Wager

Use the plus and minus buttons under the reels to determine the number of active paylines and the total stake each spin.


Toss the Dice

The reels will begin to spin once you click the circular “spin” button located in the screen’s center, directly under the reels.


Tips for Hitting the Lottery’s Jackpot

Get three or more consecutive matching symbols by spinning the reels. If you wager on all of the lines, you might win up to $40,000.

Bonus Game for Coyote Moon Slots

The Rising Moon Free Spin Bonus can be triggered during the Coyote Moon slot machine’s base game. Only the ancient singing coyote scatter symbol, which occurs on reels two, three, and four, can activate this bonus round. You’ll get five free spins just for signing up, with the possibility of winning much more.


You can win up to 255 more spins for free without paying any money at all if you keep hitting the trigger combinations. The more you can win with a streak of stacked wilds, the better.

Free Coyote Moon Slot Theme


The visuals in this coyote-themed game are sure to please the discerning eye. Coyote Moon’s hand-drawn art style is striking and original, and it works wonderfully with the game’s video graphics and music elements.


A full moon will cast a brilliant glow over the desert at night, transporting players to a surreal new world. This, combined with sound effects like howling, owls, and crickets, creates a really evocative game environment. The only time the typical slot celebration music plays is when you win or activate the free bonus round, which disrupts the otherwise tranquil nature soundtrack.


Coyote howls at the moon, deer, hummingbirds, lizards, skulls, and ancient symbols are just some of the themed symbols that populate the reels of this online casino slot. As a whole, it improves the visual quality of the game considerably.


Online Slots: Coyote Moon Mobile vs. Desktop Play

Keep in mind that both the desktop and mobile versions of the Coyote Moon require the free Adobe Flash Player plugin. You can’t play it on your iOS gadget; it’s exclusive to Android tablets and smartphones.


Here’s a rundown of what else you may anticipate from the mobile and desktop versions:


Mobile Devices Compatible with Androids

Media portability

Adaptable to mobile devices

Desktop Needs A Flash Player by Adobe

Bigger buttons equal a bigger screen.

Options for full and mini screens

What We Think About the Slot Machine Game “Coyote Moon”

With its eye-catching visuals, unique sound effects, and compelling, well-developed premise, IGT’s Coyote Moon slot game is sure to be a hit. The game’s ease-of-use makes it perfect for newcomers. However, the poor profits from the main game can be discouraging.

The game’s 40 paylines are both a blessing and a curse; they provide plenty of opportunities to cash in, but the modest payouts also make it a costly endeavor. However, casual, veteran, or high-stakes players may relish the challenge. Your enjoyment of this slot machine will be proportional to your budget, expectations, and patience.

Some players will be quite interested in the hundreds of free spins offered. It’s a matter of chance, like with any online game, whether you experience several winning runs with full stacks of wilds and scatters and huge potential payouts, or whether you experience long dry spells. While not quite a “sure thing,” Coyote Moon is nevertheless a fun watch.


Amazing visuals

Superb Theme

Ambient music or sounds

Wilds stacked

Bonus game with free spins


Low reward in the beginning

Can be quite costly to engage in

Must have Flash Player to view.

Common Questions About the Coyote Moon Slot Machine

Is it okay for me to play Coyote Moon?

Coyote Moon is completely risk-free to enjoy. Most of the top online casinos use software developed by IGT, which has earned a stellar reputation in the industry.

If you want to play for real money, though, you need to make sure you can trust the casino.

Is a free version of Coyote Moon available?

Coyote Moon is available for free play in the top right corner of this page. To play online, though, you’ll typically need to install Adobe Flash Player, which isn’t always convenient. And it’s exclusive to Android phones and tablets.

What is the return to player percentage for Coyote Moon?

The Return to Player Rate (RTP) for Coyote Moon is a low and undefined 92.5% to 94.8%. If you play for real money, you could not win much. The average RTP for games is 95%.






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